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In addition, the reliance on the Europeans will come soon after when rations will need to be collected. The whites tend to see space in terms of boundary and control.

The aborigines also suffer because of the attempt to marginalise their culture and traditions. An example of this is when Cissie and David are playing cricket together, "Woolah. Thus gaining a greater understanding of life for Aboriginals in a time of suffering and desperation.

This is clearly demonstrated when Gran speaks in her language: Her spoken language is colloquial and not proper English, which accentuates her culture and the fact that English was just thrust upon her and she was not educated with it.

They display a very significant part of their culture and sense of identity by communicating in their own language.

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There is no development and no connection to the essay question. Jack Davis also chose to use colloquial and improper language, and although is sometimes inappropriate, it effectively positions the reader to sympathise with the aborigines. In the context of the play, Sergeant Carrol was really only doing his job, and yet rather than be un-civilised about his duties, chose to carry them out with some compassion.

The full use of the Nyoongah language in an entire sentence is used less frequently throughout play. She is a strong traditional matriarchal figure whose humour, good will and courage help the family endure difficult times.

The sergeant also uses colloquial language when he wants to say something of the record and on an intimate level. Whole town knows why we're goin. Also law and order officials misuse power through the legal system and through the control of their rations.

Although throughout the story, the reader is often reminded of their culture and background because of their constant use of Nyoongah, they speak mainly English and Australian slang. Although family ties enable individuals to survive hardships, losing it can have its repercussions.

Through the use of the language of the Aboriginals we are being excluded from the stage drama, this contradicts what we have done to the Aboriginals in the past.

It shows the injustices and hardships faced by Aborigines during the Depression as well as being an interesting and entertaining drama. With this thought being portrayed, the audience responds positively to the humerous characters, along with sympathising with them aswell eg.

The formality also presents the non- Aboriginals or authority figures as mean and unjust people. They do not understand many of the terms that are used to exclude them and shut them away. Davis has outlined the effect of western culture on the aborigines in their dialogue.

The choice of language by Davis, both shapes audiences construction of characters, along with reinforcing the themes of the play. Thus, Davis foregrounds the racism and lack of acceptance that Billy is berated with by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Much like proper English to the whites, the Nyoongar language was a way of the Aboriginals retreating back to their culture and escaping from the white ways. Throughout the Great Depression discrimination and racism were both major issues relating to Aboriginals.

This is evident in the attitudes of the Millimura and Munday families, where no one ever complained about being an Aborigine. This shows the increasing gap between the blacks and the whites at that time.

However this view is altered later when the introduction of knowledge and books are put on the same side as them. Write a 50 minute essay showing how this occurs in No Sugar." The stage drama "No Sugar" by Jack Davis employs three significant types of spoken language to construct characters and shape themes.

No Sugar Essay Starters Sheradyn – Drama Essay ~ No sugar (Jack Davis) The play No Sugar by Jack Davis has various themes and issues covered in it.

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Understanding of society helps with the meaning of this text, through multiple aspects. These are shown in the text through various themes/issues.

No Sugar By Jack Davis essays. Playwrights often use stage as a way of challenging the audience to consider about social and political issues. Discuss this with reference to one or more plays. (No Sugar focus, although Othello has also been studied) Davis. (No Sugar focus, although Othello has also been studied) Davis' presentation of the social, realist, drama "No Sugar" can be considered as a forum to highlight the impacts of the European social and political philosophy of the early 20th century on Aboriginal society.

It is a political text that exposes social issues. The stage drama No Sugar, by Jack Davis explores the bad treatment of minority groups and their responses to this treatment. The performance set in the ’s presents the Milimurra family who are the minority group fighting against the injustices inflicted on them by white authorities.

No Sugar Essay: Throughout Australian history a racist attitude towards Aboriginals has been a significant issue. The instant the early settlers arrived on our shores and colonised, the Aboriginals have been fighting for the survival of their culture.

No sugar essay example
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